Design of Samba Printing Packages

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Package Specification


The recent development versions of Samba have support for allowing Windows NT systems and Windows 95/98 systems to download printer drivers from the Samba server for any printers shared by the Samba server. The main obstacle to widespread usage of this feature is that placing the correct files into the correct locations on the Samba server requires a bit of specific knowledge of how Windows printer driver download system operates.

The solution is to provide a way to easily install a Window printer driver so that the server administrator does not need to pollute their mind with the specific knowledge of what Samba needs. This document describes a packaging format that will provide printer drivers in a form that can be easily installed into Samba and portable to most platforms on which Samba operates.

For portability, the packaging format must not depend on internal Samba data structures. The format itself should also be readable on the majority of systems where Samba can run.