Invoking the Package Creation Tool

The Perl script is used to construct all Samba printing packages. The tool takes several command-line arguments which set information which apply to the entire package and specify where to find the vendor drivers prepared in the previous section. For most vendor drivers, the script will try to infer the majority of the information necessary to build a package. However, in some cases, there may be some information that cannot be automatically determined. In these cases, the package builder must also pass some override options to to help it along.

The output from is a gzip-compressed tar file with a name based on the name and version based as options on the command-line. The exact format is NAME-VERSION.tar.gz.

For every Samba printing package, there is some administrative information associated with the entire package regardless of what architectures will be present in the package. Choices must be made for this information whenever a package is built. The information is:

The choices for these three parameters are just passed to via the following options:

Table 1. Global Parameter Options

Display Name--display-name

The remaining options arguments to are either the names of temporary directories constructed in the previous section or the filenames of ZIP archives containing the vendor driver distributions. The tool will try to infer several pieces of information from the vendor driver distributions that are necessary to build and install a Samba printing package. If is unable to infer the information, you will need to rerun the tool with one of the override options listed later in this section. These override options go before the temporary directory name or archive name to which they will apply. The information that will try to infer is:

All of these override options are described in the examples of the next section.

Here is a quick reference of all available options for

Table 3. All Options

--name,-nName of the package.
--version,-vVersion of the package.
--display-name,-NPretty name for the driver(s) in the package.
--inf-fname,--inf,-iOverride the name of the INF file used for the next driver set.
--architecture,--arch,-aOverride the architecture used for the next driver set.
--manufacturer,-mOverride the string used to index into the [Manufacturer] section of the INF file.
--model,-dOverride the name of model associated with a manufacturer in the next driver set.
--debugMake the tool print lots of debugging messages only useful to the developers.