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Imprints (Installation Manager of Printer driver Retreival and Installation for Samba) is a project to implement a UNIX equivalent of the Windows NT Add Printer Wizard (APW). The project has been taken on in part by the Samba Team, VA Linux Systems Professional Services Group and Hewlett-Packard. The Imprints toolset seeks to provide central repository for users and administrators to locate, download, and install all variations Window 95/98/NT printer drivers on Samba print servers.

Server and Database Installation Guide Available
posted 10/16/2000 at 11:35 EDT
A guide to installing and setting up the Imprints retrieval server and database is available here. The guide is for printer vendors and system administrators who need to set up the back end Imprints data base and repository.

Test Retrieval Server On-Line
posted 06/13/2000 at 16:15 EDT
The Retrieval Server is a perl CGI program that lets a client application get information on the location of available Windows Printer Driver Package files. It allows queries in the form described in its design document. It can be queried from a web browser. Some sample queries are here, here, and here.

The source code (in perl) for the retrieval server, and sample database and configuration files, are available in the Imprints CVS repository .

Package Design Documents Are Now Available
posted 06/05/2000 at 13:10 EDT
The Imprints System is designed to let users and SysAdmins download Windows Printer Drivers and associated files from a remote location. These drivers and files are then installed for use by Samba. To make retrieval and installation easier, the driver files are packaged together. This document explains the proposed package structure.

Imprints Database Design Document Available
posted 05/26/2000 at 16:05 EDT
The preliminary design document for the Imprints Database has been posted in HTML format. It's available in the Documentation Section of the Imprints Home page.

Retrieval Server Design Document Available
posted 05/22/2000 at 15:45 EDT
The preliminary design document for the Imprints Retrieval Server has been posted in HTML format. It's available in the Documentation Section of the Imprints Home page.

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